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Lea Liu‘s Relevant Experience AS a

Game Concept Artist


As both a game artist and designer, I often put the visual part of the game into a bigger picture. I believe visual design’s most import role is to serve the game play while making the game look good being the second. The reason is that unconstrained visual design can lead to a great amount of wasteful work that detaches from or even hinders the game play. When I get into a particular design, I tend to keep the silhouette and shape elegant and clear, while putting the most complex design into finer details. This way can make the design easy to be recognized and remembered, but it is also interesting for its audiences to take a closer look.

My qualifications of being a Game concept artist:


  • Over 15 years Photoshop and Adobe software experience.

  • 7 years professional training in art skills.

  • 2 Years MMORPG industrial experience as a concept artist. 

  • 5 times for being an artist in indie game teams.

  • 2 times for being a Lead artist.



Below are the most significant works that I was a game artist in.




Working Environment

Featured Projects

Tian Long Ba Bu

2D Concept Artist (Character Oriented)

June 01, 2013

  1. Responsible for producing new character designs replacing the old ones. Due to the improvement in the player hardware over the years, the new character models support a higher number of triangles. The new character designs aim to provide more details and elements while being attractive for newer players.

  2. Designed reward items and paid items for regular events. These items aimed to sell themselves by being novel and interesting.

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Sample Pieces

I have been working as a character concept artist for two years in the MMORPG Tian Long Ba Bu. My works included more than 60 game characters and numerous items. I have been familiar with the industrial process from the rough sketch to an iterative end product. I also got into the habit of gathering the extensive amount of background information as I start a new design, such as going over existing pictures and reading relevant articles.Prior to I start my job at Tian Long Ba Bu, I read the original novel in fine details, so I could have a deeper understanding of the characters in it and produce concept arts demonstrating the original work’s spirit.


Lead Artist

August 30, 2016

  1. Responsible for defining the visual direction of the game. Worked with game designers and programmers to iterate on the visual guidelines based on the product requirement and technical limit. Worked the way to achieve a high level of details in the voxel style.

  2. Designed the buildings, characters, monsters, and items. Produced blueprints for 3D modeling.

  3. Worked with game designers and programmers to implement the concept arts into the game.

  4. Worked with the technical artist and 3D modeler to guide their work under the visual direction.

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Other than working in the corporate environment, I have also joined various game development groups during my graduate study at the NYU Game Center. The designs of these games were of many different styles, including cartoon, abstract art, traditional Chinese, traditional Japanese, and even 3D voxels. By trying out these different art styles, I have trained my adoption skill while having fun.



Sample Pieces

The Memory of the Red Chamber

Lead Artist

July 01, 2012

  1. Worked with artists to produce the initial concept and define the visual direction.

  2. Responsible for producing the background images.

  3. Responsible for the post-production of other artists’ assets to unify them under the same look and feel.

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Sample Pieces

Micro Era

Concept Artist

August 15, 2014

  1. Designed the concept of the game world, characters, and scenes.

  2. Produced the scenes.

  3. Produced the character animation.

  4. Produced the initial version of UI.

  5. Mocked out the game play into a video.

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Sample Pieces

Featured Artworks

3D ARTworks

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