Project Type: Digital Game

Date: 2016 - Current

Members: Lea Liu, Erenyx Qiu, Zijian Zhou, Weiyu Li

My Role: Lead Artist, Game Designer, UI/UX Designer

Monsterologist is a voxel style simulation game where the player is a monster scholar of a tranquil village called Bakayville. Players can tame wild monsters, then build houses and playgrounds for them and research them, in the future version, players even will have chances to make friends or work with monsters. 

Behind the monster study, there also are several storylines which lead players to think the balance between nature and human activity, and finally, make a decision that can vary the ending of the game.


Newest Trailer

Design Ideas

An early sketch of system wireframe.

Monsterologist was called Monster Farm at first. Our idea was making a game like a combination of Harvest Moon and Pokemon. Basically is a farming simulation game, but players do not plant crops, they raise monsters instead.
In this way, the beginning of the system framework inherited some of the common systems of these genres, such as capturing, feeding, crafting, socializing, vending and so on.

Early Prototype

We were both interested in Voxel style, so we decided to start our first prototype with it to verify the feasibility of adopting voxel style art to a farming game. The early prototype contains a series of voxel models, including characters, monsters, buildings, indoor and out door scenes.

Concept art

Monster Art

Base on the early prototype, we gain some experience and start to build the overall visual style with concept art. Above is a compilation of some concept artworks.






Detailed Concept Art


Voxel Modeling 




Development Pipeline



Detailed Concept Art  

Voxel Modeling 




Character Art

IInterior Art

Environment art

UI/UX Design


Test with placeholders


UI Design &




Gameplay Gauge Design


LOGO Design

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