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The Memory of the Red Chamber

The memory of the Red Chamber is an interactive visual novel game based on the Chinese classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber. The player will relive the story set in a declining wealthy aristocratic family and interact with the characters in it.

We created this game in order to tell the original story in an interactive way. Since the novel was never finished in its time, the remaining half of the plot was still up in the air and there were a great deal of debates around it. Our game aims to present all the logical plot routes and let the player reach different ending based on choices made in the game.

Project Type: Visual Novel

Date: 2012- Current

Members: Lea Liu, Song Ye, Jieling Zhang, Tong Zhao, Yimeng Du, Haoran Niu

My Role: Lead Designer, Lead Artist, Writer, UI/UX Designer

Promotion Video

Desing IDeas

Concept Sketches

Character Art

Concept Art

Line work

Color designation​

Shadow overlaying

Final Adjustment

Facial expression design

Event CG

Development Pipeline

Environment Art

UI Design

Honglou UI
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