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This page collects projects I involved as an assistant more than a lead creator.  The role I acted on in these projects includes assisting designer, translator, outsourcing artist, playtester and etc.


Curious Exp[edition | Official Chinese version

Design Document

For more details about To the Bride, please check the rule book and design process statement.

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Project Type: Game Localization

Date: 2017

Members: Indienova Gutenberg Localization Team

My Role: Translated and design text in graphic format.


Indienova Gutenberg Localization Team is a game localization and translation team affiliated to, the most read indie game news portal in China, which aims to bring some of the best indie games and limiting the language barrier to Chinese audiences.
The team got the permission of making the official Chinese version for Curious Expedition in early 2017 and shipped in April 2017.


To The Bride

Project Type: Party  Game

Date: 2015

Members: Jennifer H. Allaway, Ziyin Liao, Lea Liu

My Role: Game Designer, Game Artist, Playtester


To the Bride is a social deduction party game where players are through to a deadly wedding where you can’t tell friend from foe. You have four ways to act: distribute wine and poison, look inside a goblet, trade your own goblet (or switch two others), and toast to others to make them drink (but you must drink with them!). The goal of the game is to keep your goblet free of poison, become the last surviving player by poisoning your foes.


I skilled in image editing, so in this project, I responsible for translated and embed the text in picture format. After that, I have to refine the Chinese version assets consistent with the overall style of the game.


Get Lost

 Get Lost is an experimental folk game taking place on a subway. Created during the Fall of 2015 at the NYU Game Center. Intervene with the daily commute of subway riders as you try and escape your captor.

Project Type: Intervention Game

Date: 2015

Members: Denver Coulson , Lea Liu, Burgess Voshell, Zijian Zhou

My Role: Assistant Game Designer, Playtester


  • If you are the escapee: Get away from the captor by leaving them behind. You can do either...

    • get on the train and leaving the captor on the platform or

    • stay on the platform and leaving the captor on the train.

  • If you are the captor: Capture the escapee by simply staying with them. This is done by either...

    • ending the game on the train with the escapee or

    • ending the game on the platform with the escapee.



  1. Designate one player the escapee and one player the captor.

  2. Each player takes position at a separate subway train door when it arrives.

  3. When the doors open, play begins.

  4. In the same style of Rock-Paper-Scissors, tap of your fist to your hand three times in sync and rhythm with your opponent. 

  5. After the third tap, the escapee may hop on/off the train or stay where they are. The captor may also hop on/off the train or stay where they are. 

    1. You are allowed to trick your opponent.

    2. If you lift your feet in any way, you must hop on/off the train.

  6. Continue steps 4 & 5 until the buzzer goes off signifying the closing of the train doors.

  7. Once the doors closed, determine who has won and bask in your victory. 

Big Bang

Big Bang is a 4-player competitive strategy game where players outwit their opponents by shifting the balance of the universe to create the first constellation. Each player must decide which constellation card they wish to match and redistribute the star blocks, seeking to match their star blocks to the card they have chosen as their goal.

Project Type: Board Game

Date: 2015

Member: Tom Srachan , Jonathan Ahern, Sam Von Ehren, Lea Liu

My Role: Game Artist


Penny Monkey

Penny Monkey is a modified version of Matching Penny game with additional gambling and scoring system.  In Penny Monkey, one of two players in each turn has right to see the result of coin tossing, bases on it, he/she can baffle the other by bluffing or adding ante, and the another player should break down his/her lie. When you win a round, you go forward on the scoring board.The goal of the game is to be the first one who reaches the end on the top of the board.




Project Type: Board Game

Date: 2015

Member: Lea Liu, Arnav Puri, Weiyu Li

My Role: Game Designer , Game Artist


Fat Loot

Fat Loot is a 3rd person player vs. player (PvP) stealth-action game where four players plot against each other and attempt to steal as much treasure as possible. Each player controls a wacky thief master breaking into an ancient Chinese palace in an attempt to pull the ultimate heist. Up against daunting guards and other equally cunning thieves, each player must sneak and plot wisely in order to obtain the treasures of their dream. The players can bump, trap, and cause nuisances to ruin the other thieves’ plans and become the biggest winner in this treasure hunting race.

Project Type: Digital Game

Date: 2013

My Role: Remote 3D Artist


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2005-[Modeling][FAT LOOT]
2002-[Modeling][FAT LOOT]
2003-[Modeling[FAT LOOT]
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