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The Ark

The Ark is a puzzle game. The player plays as an ant who delivers packages. When he delivers packages to his customers he also passes through the joys and sorrows of those human beings. The game combines surreal elements and uses a fantasy setting about a whale who becomes the ark of the last human race. The game mixes in a few realistic elements to reflect the anxiety of people of different ages nowadays. The game’s design also reflects a few social phenomena such as empty-nesters, transsexualism, consumerism, postpartum depression, and intends to make the players think through them. 


Project Type: Puzzle Game
Date: 2021
Members: Lea Liu, Yalin Zhang, Jiawei He, Song Ye, Wangshu Sun, Fan
My Role: Lead Artist,

Game Trailer

Game Overview

WeChat Screenshot_20210626022818.png
WeChat Screenshot_20210626022838.png
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