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Lea Liu‘s Relevant Experience As a


Creating Illustration is my way of expressing thoughts directly. Recently my illustrations are more of character designs, focusing on their attires and poses. Different from game character designs, character illustration gives me more expressive freedom. I can integrate certain elements into the characters, such as plants, animals, and natural textures. This gives them a distinct feel to live with. I am planning to produce more illustrations of this type in the future.

As a long-term anime fan, I like bright and lovely colors and settings in my illustrations. This style makes my illustration process happy.

I have also produced commercial illustrations in magazines and Fan-Art book. The media include story books, posters, and mangas.

Listed below are my relevant illustrations.

Featured Project

Scampering Carnival

Cover Illustrator, Manga Contributor

October 07, 2012

  1. Organized over 30 writers and illustrators to co-author this Fan-art book.

  2. Contributed illustrations.

  3. Contributed  4-frames manga

Lea Liu's Secret-Color Chamber


October 07, 2012

  1. Solo designed and produced the website.

  2. Produced the front page illustration and character portraits.

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Featured Artworks

Character/Costume Illustrations

Story Illustrations

Game Promotion Arts/Posters

4-Frames Mangas

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