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Succulent plant Costume

Succulent Plant Costumes is a set of experimental costume designs that incorporate the idea of succulent plants and Lolita dresses, which inspired from the material, color and shape of succulent plants.


Lolita Girls: Coords & Design

This set of illustrations depict some Lolita clothing designs and coords. Some are daily dressings of my friends, and some others are my own designs.

Tian Long Ba Bu 

Concept arts for Tian Long Ba Bu, one of the most popular Wuxia(kung fu) MMORPG in China. My department was responsible for renewing old game assets and models were made since 2007. So in my design, I not only inherited the characteristics of original models, but also incorporated additional details and fashion elements in order to give players a refreshed feeling.


Fan-Arts & Outsourcing Illustrations

Some outsourcing illustration and concept made for fan-art books, games, and magazines.



Lea & Bear is a series of character designs and manga based on Lea and her husband Song. Lea and Bear are also the mascots of this website as you can see on the front page.



Below are some 4-frames manga and character designs for manga magazines and fan art books.


Dolin SInkhole

Dolin Sinkhole is the mascot for a Lolita design and illustration platform operated by Lea. Because in Chinese, “pit” is a metaphor of “unfinished works”, the character is then named by the concept of pit, both the first name “Dolin” (doline) and surname “Sinkhole”.

Airu Cat Stickers

These are paper doll stickers drawn in 2012 for Scampering Carnival, a Monster Hunter themed fan-art book. The inspiration comes from the clothings of Airou in the game.


CHIBI Style Character Design

These are various character design commissions since 2010. Tried different styles to accommodate different projects.


Gallery 3D

3D ARTworks

Below are some personal 3D modeling practice and 3D works from participated projects.


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