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Twenty Years

Twenty-Years is an independent card game. The game takes the Chinese martial arts theme as its background. The players play the martial arts disciples who have just finished their studies and are ready to enter society. Players can choose to keep practicing their skills and become legendary heroes (although there is an excellent chance of ending up with nothing), or they can marry and find a job and make money for their families.


In the game, players also have to choose between facing danger as a hero or living peacefully as an ordinary person in random moral dilemmas. The game used an emergent narrative to allow players to create their own adventure stories. This game also reflects the reality that recent graduates need to choose whether to spend their ability and time pursuing their dreams or spending their time striving for the economic capacity to live a peaceful and wealthy life.


Project Type: Board Game
Date: 2021
Members: Lea Liu, Yalin Zhang, 
My Role: Artist

Game Trailer

Game Overview

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